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drain system

Drain System

When you think of beautiful landscapes for your home or business, the first thing you think of is the softscape, plants, and other garden flora that make up a bulk of it. At Landscape LRJ, we offer unparalleled softscape services to make your landscape look as beautiful and appealing as it possibly can. Drainage systems are necessary when water does not properly drain away from your property and this can cause serious damage to your home and its structure. In some cases, heavy rainfall can also cause your house to flood inside or weaken your foundation and crack the structure.

Proper drainage can also help minimize the damage or erosion caused by weather conditions. There are many different drainage systems that prevent serious water damage to your home.


One of the topmost crucial steps in softscape design is how your plant materials are planted. Plants need a space for their roots to grow and thrive and typically, a landscaper will dig a whole diameter and add some fertilizer to give your plant a good start. Our professionals usually plant shrubs in off numbers of 3, 5, or 9 and taller ones go behind whereas the lower shrubs, flowers, and more in the foreground.

You can even create depth or dimension into the landscape by using the same type of shrubs for an area and creating a repetitive theme rather than scattering the plants amongst other types of plants so the design can look more natural.



Decorative rock, wood chips, and more are part of your softscape landscaping and require some ongoing maintenance if you want your tree and shrub bed to look clean and presentable for many years to come. This barrier will do a great job but this alone will not prevent unwanted intruders from showing their faces and it’s a combination of utilizing a quality weed barrier, a thick layer of ground cover, and a regular weeding program during each season. We recommend you spend sometime per week staying on top of any weeds that show up and it will truly be worth the investment.


Irrigation professionally installed is an important part of your landscape design and system. Our experts develop an irrigation plan for your garden that allows plants of different moisture needs to be irrigated. These irrigation controllers have the ability to hook up to a moisture sensor and will prevent the sprinkler system from coming on when the ground already has more than enough water. This can help reduce your monthly bill and save you on costs in the long run.


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Our professional team has the knowledge and know-how of different kinds of irrigation systems as well as the type of fixtures to use for which plants and shrubs. This helps you to get an idea of what to use to ensure that your garden is in a tip-top condition and will help it not only look lovely but be very affordable in the long run which is a great thing.

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