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fire pit


Our team designs natural and gas outdoor fire pits to bring warmth into your landscaping project. Custom fire pits can be built or constructed out of a number of different types of materials, there are custom fire pits, natural stone fire pits, propane fire pits, cultured stone fire pits, and more. With so many cost-effective options, you can pick the one that gives you the look and feel that you are after. There are so many different types of materials and stones that can be used to install and finish your fire pit and we can help you decide the best option for your landscaping project


A great way to encourage outdoor dining and fresh air is to build an outdoor kitchen. If you are looking for a more unique environment then a stone structure such as an outdoor BBQ or even a fireplace can help and is a great way to extend into the fall season. Our team will create a unique and personalized place for you to enjoy your outdoor space longer during the year and this is a great investment that can be enjoyed all year round with friends or the entire family. Scenic designs and installs can be done which suits your landscape and home décor along with fridges, bars, a granite counter and so much more.



Pergolas are open-air wood structures that feature supporting columns and a roof of wood slats or lattice which allow some sunlight to pass through and many homeowners prefer this as it allows heat from the patio to get out and cool the place without compromising airflow. A patio pergola if done by professionals can help define your space and makes the area feel like a dining room, you can even pick different remote corners of your yard and our team with more than a decade of experience can help you out in choosing the best spot for your new pergola.


Your new outdoor fireplace will quickly become the perfect area for friends and family to gather together. Consider the location and space you need for both seating and the fireplace. Our team can help you with other considerations right from zoning laws that need to be observed to keeping fire elements away from structures and considering the view and your privacy. You need to visualize the location and structure as well as the design and be mindful of these guidelines while building.

Seating Area

Seating Areas

Scenic landscaping can be done for pools, inground swimming areas, and much more for your home. Our contractors will provide you with a list of options on how you can go about this seating area, right from the location to the upkeep and maintenance.

Patio Slabs

We understand that sometimes you may not know what you want and that’s why we’ve put some stylish traditional and contemporary looks together which should help to give you a sense of the whole potential effect and suggest products that will help you achieve this look.

patio slabs


Urban planters design, install, maintain and source indoor and outdoor plants and other related products. We also provide a total horticulture solution for your home which ranges from a full landscape design and ground maintenance services.

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