Landscape Maintenance Service

lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

When you partner with us, you’re getting a commercial lawn care provider that’s a cut above the rest. We understand that our customers have invested a good deal of money and time into their lawn and we are here to help them get the most out of their investment. Our team of professionals has the expertise on a wide variety of plants and how to care for them and keep them thriving for years to come. They take many factors into account when customizing a residential and commercial property lawn care plan.  

When it comes to your turf, our expertise can even determine what kind of irrigation and fertilization programs work best with your grass at every stage of its life. Whether you’re seeding a new lawn, simply nourishing turf that is healthy, reseeding an aging lawn, or even thinking about your landscaping care needs, our experts are here for you.

Plant Maintenance

We offer commercial tree and plant care for many varieties of local and exotic species. We not only specialize in tree ornaments but also larger varieties of trees which are long-lasting and turn into the most noticeable element on your landscape. You do not have to keep working on the plants and trees for years to make them healthy and beautiful as we handle every aspect of maintenance and care – just part of what we do for you. We provide installation of the perfect tree, maintenance like pruning and fertilization, commercial tree care, and more.

Our pruning services also help trees to grow in the direction you want them to and enhance your property as well as reduces the likelihood that branches will be broken off in high winds and reduce the number of leaves.

plant management

Monthly Lighting Check

During a landscape lighting project, we advise our clients to run conduits and the wiring underneath as well as powder coats the finish to match the exterior of the building so that the equipment can blend which is a great selling feature. Landscape lighting can easily be controlled via an application on your tablet or smartphone and with proper zoning of lighting, clients can decide how much of their landscape lighting to illuminate.

More clients are recognizing the value of landscape lighting and making the investment and when done right, it can be a great asset to a property and another facet to the landscape.


A lush healthy lawn starts with healthy soil. We will keep your soil fertile so that your lawn and other plants get the nutrition they need to flourish and grow.

weed control

Weed Control

Weeds, especially unsightly weeds, are bad and can spread quickly compromising the health of your plants and lawn. Our team can help you remove existing weeds and prevent them from taking hold or growing again while not affecting the health of your lawn.

General Cleanup

You may already know how frustrating it can be when it comes to lawn care and unique challenges, especially for cleanup. This will require you to pay special attention to your property keeping it attractive and safe. We know how to prepare and maintain a property’s landscape during these times of the year right from removing all debris around trees, lawn areas, shrubs, cleaning up the landscape, thrash catchers, blowing off walkways, patios, and hardscape areas, taking the extra time to clean up and much more.

clean up
weed control

Tailor made packages starting at $250

Tailor-made Packages at Cost-Effective Rates
Dealing with multiple vendors can lead to a lot of communication gaps, lack of alignment, and a whole host of difficulties. Contacting a single commercial landscaping company can be a good idea and we strive to simplify your process and meet all of your needs under one roof. When it comes to commercial landscaping, every business has its own unique goals and needs and we provide landscape enhancement and construction, irrigation, trees and shrubs, mowing, edging, and more.

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