Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Turf

We realize that South California is experiencing a severe water shortage. So, in areas where water is a scarce commodity, we have the expertise and knowledge to install artificial turf. This synthetic turf looks like natural grass and no one will know that it is synthetic grass. It will lend your property a lush appearance and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a lawn without the maintenance that comes with it.

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Most of our customers are dog owners and we have been proud to serve their pet-friendly artificial turf needs for years now. There are a lot of advantages to picking a synthetic option as a dog owner as pet-friendly artificial grass and lawns are high density and the turf maintains and consistent appearance under heavy use. This is also non-absorbent and made out of anti-bacterial fibers that do not attract fleas, ticks, or even ants. This has a permeable backing which allows for proper drainage and offers a complete dog turf installation system with specialty drainage and infills that are safe and clean your space.

Eco Friendly

We’re always looking for how we can learn from nature in our quest to be able to offer the most natural-looking and lifelike green grass system. Right from color and fiber shape to fiber width, and more, it’s an important mix. The ultimate goal is to develop artificial grass that has the feel of natural grass and outperforms on every level. This is how we can make artificial grass more sustainable and this starts at the beginning of the process with carefully selected raw materials used to produce grass blades. Eco-friendly grass is very important and can ensure that your lawn is sustainable and environmentally friendly which helps protect the planet.

water conservation

Water Conservation

The key to water conservation is plants such as turfgrass with the proper maintenance can lead to efficient use of water. Usually, residential irrigation systems with automatic times use more water than systems without times and this leads to numerous misconceptions regarding turf areas as high-water consumption compared to other landscape plantings which have no scientific basis. For instance, a mature oak tree requires an amount equivalent to a turf piece, this adjacent tree and shrubs in the landscape commonly benefit from irritation applied to turf. Artificial grass can help save a lot of water compared to how much gets wasted when you actually use it on your turf and knowing that you need to save water and money our experts help you out.

10 Year Warranty

Our team developed high quality artificial grass to use in gardens, public parks, roof terraces and other landscaping applications with the objective of making it similar to natural grass. We offer a 10-year warranty depending on the intensity of the sun in certain locations as well as a few other features. The quality of the product is apparent when the artificial grass is installed by a professional trained in landscaping solutions and this should only be installed by out experts as you can be sure that it will be done in the proper way with the best possible result and the right type of quality, maintenance and other factors. Our warranty is based on the fact that our products are of high-quality and installed by professionals with skills, experience and know-how and this not only helps your turf to be durable and long lasting but makes it aesthetically pleasing as well.

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Artificial turf

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